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Are any of your walks wheelchair friendly?

We don't mark any specific routes as wheelchair friendly. We do understand the frustration of stiles and kissing gates for wheelchair and mobility aid users, which is especially difficult as they are not marked on OS maps. All the iFootpath guides have a full description of the route within the Walk Overview  (the first page on the App as you open up each walk). If you read the full introduction you should see a paragraph (normally the second paragraph) that explains all the access information. This lists out all the things you will encounter on the route that might make it suitable for people or not – such as livestock, stiles, kissing gates, squeeze gaps, gradients, surface types etc etc. This helps a whole range of walkers including those with mobility problems, those with sight problems, those recovering from surgery and even those walking with large dogs (that need to avoid stiles and cows!). We encourage all our walk authors to include as much detail as possible with this.
To help narrow down walks that might be suitable for people with specific access requirements, we have created a search criteria that allows you to view Easier Access Walks – these are all stile free and avoid any steep gradients which is a common requirement for lots of walkers with specific needs. (Remember though, some will still have kissing gates or steps so remember to read the full introduction to see if each walk is right for you). You can find them by choosing ‘Easier Access Walks’ from the drop down box called ‘Collections’ on the search page (on the website or App). We have added a link to the whole list below too…

You can read about the why we introduced Easier Access Collection of Walks

And you can view the full list of Easier Access Walks 

We hope that you find and enjoy some great walks with iFootpath.

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